Love Poem: Ode to a Cactus Flower

Camel of the plant world
From your flattened body, waxed with thorn
A brilliant blossom is unfurled
The promise of new life reborn.
Who would know that you– wild, unbridled sprite
Could spring from the driest, dusty spaces
Others, ‘though more ‘cultivated’-your beauty vexes-
Your exaltation ‘exiled’ to the desert out of spite
‘Magnificence’ found in the least expected places-
yet “uncrowned” truly you are the…“Yellow Rose of Texas”

          Photos & Poetry © neocup 2013

Blooming Cactus

3 thoughts on “Love Poem: Ode to a Cactus Flower

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  1. Reblogged this on Martha's Garden and commented:

    This was my very first post last year, on my Poetry website “Martha’s Garden” … it is a “love poem” for a cactus blossom…I thought it was fitting for today’s prompt…

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve “been away” for a while from my poetry and photography… teaching school … 5th graders… lots to do…but it’s SUMMER! Time to WRITE…and LIVE… and LEARN…

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